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Service Designer, User Researcher & Social Entrepreneur, passionate about co-creating projects that empower businesses and organisations to thrive, while having a positive social and environmental impact. Experience facilitating sustainability transitions, social innovation processes, exploratory research, and product development research. Systems thinker, excited about creating balanced connections between people - nature, past- present-future, businesses-customers. Proactive human, observant listener, with an appreciation for multicultural and collaborative environments. 


From: Megan Jane Eloise Krahn - project collaborator

“Dominika wakes up every morning with a burst of energy. She ia highly-motivated, ever-optimistic, creative and inspirational designer. Her strengths in design relate strongly to her incredible sense of empathy. This empathy gives her a strong understanding of the end user, as she always related the project and goals to how the user will experience and interact with it. She works intiuitively and with passion, allowing her to produce and create in an exploratory way with freedom. Dominika has one of the strongest work ethics, the most vibrant energy, and incredible generosity with her team mates in every design project.”
From: Lewis Greener - the facilitator of the sprint

“I worked with Dominika during ‘Holis’ interdisciplinary design summer school, over a challenging process - a ten-day design sprint in a rural location. She brought a positive attitude and eagerness to our team. Dominika was aware of others in the team at all times and would give space to everyone while volunteering to lead by example when discussions got quit. She helped with a playful + quick spirit in our ideation process and was open to feedback on ideas in a positive way. Dominika has a creative spirit that supports her to see ideas and problems from many different angles. The flexibility + support she gave our team members really helped to push us through the final stages!”


Synthesising knowledge
Stakeholder management
Workshop facilitation
User testing
Concept development


Service Design
Systems thinking
Qualitative research
Design Thinking
User-centered design
Graphic Design


Adobe InDesign
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Animate


UX Researcher (Contract) Energy Machines, Denmark
R&D, Energy Transitions, Design Research, 2020 — now

* Conducting exploratory research to gather insights from internal stakeholders

* Defining research goal and research question to explore new product opportunities

* Conducting semi-structured interviews, contextual inquiry, and card sorting

* Synthesising knowledge into insights, journey mapping, creating personas

* Converting research insights into service and design recommendations

* Contributing to design concepts and conducting user testing

* Fostering customer-centered culture within the organisation

Service Designer (Remote) Casa Netural, Italy
Social innovation, Research & Design, 2020 — now

* Facilitated co-creation strategy workshops with internal and external stakeholders

* Facilitated processes that encourage horizontal knowledge, skills, and experience exchange

* Developed socially innovative services to valorise local knowledge, and social & ecological assets

Visual Assistant - Seerup Optics, Denmark,
2019 — 2020

* Worked on improving customer experience for eye-wear products

Service Designer Studio Tjeerd Veenhoven, Netherlands
2018 — 2019

* Conducted user research, including semi-structured interviews, and co-creation workshops

* Analysed, synthesised, and visualised research results into customer journeys, and experience maps

* Managed stakeholder and communicated research outcomes 

Visual Assistant Louis Nielsen
2016 — 2018

* Worked on improving customer experience for eye-wear products

Graphic Designer Mogens Daarbak 

* Created graphic design materials, print and digital


Social Innovation, Holis School
Service Design, Design Research, Social Innovation, Workshop Facilitation, Sustainability

Bachelor of Arts in Design, Design School Kolding
2016 — 2019
Design thinking methodologies, User Research, Service Design, Design Research, User testing, Co-creation, Workshop Facilitation, Sustainability

Graphic Design, UCN
2014 — 2016
Digital Design, Print Design, Technology, App design, Design Research, Data visualisation

Workshop Facilitation

Drawing Course, DOMIN
2011 — 2014
Architectural Drawing, Concept Development 


Young Talent Nominee
Danish Design Awards, DK

Speculative Landscapes
Published article on
Cellophane Magazine
& Thorn Lit Mag

Inhabit (Exhibition)
Designership, DK

Critical Design (Workshop)

DESKK, First place (Award)

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