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Energy Machines
User Research; Service Design — 2020

Energy Machines is an integrated energy system for accelerating the green transitions in the built environment. I’ve conducted mixed methods research, to identify areas of improvement for the current software and exploratory research for the product development team. 

Role  —  User Researcher
Mixed Methods Research; User Testing, User-centered Design, Systems Thinking; Design Thinking; 

Areas of responsibility

1. Planned and executed user research
2. Recruited participants
3. Conducted interviews, contextual inquiry, user testing
4. Facilitated co-creation & ideation sessions with internal stakeholders
5. Synthesised knowledge into design and service recommendations
6. Shared insights across the organisation
7. Advocated for the users and UX Research

Research goal
To have a better understanding of how Facility Managers in Denmark are approaching the green transition in the built environment. 

Research question
What are the current obstacles that prevent Facility Managers from reaching their climate (CO2 emissions) and energy efficiency goals?

Methods applied

1. Contextual Inquiry 
2. Semi structured user interviews
3. Interview Cards
4. Interview Coding
5. Affinity Mapping
6. Need Based Profiles
7. Personas 
8. Insight Stories 

Need based profiles
Interview Cards

Affinity Mapping


Identified challenges & generated sollutions

1. How might we ensure maximum operational efficiency, taking into consideration that not every employee has sufficient operational knowledge?

2. How might we enable operational managers to convey the value of energy efficiency to stakeholders?
3. How might we involve facility managers earlier in the building design process when major changes are still possible?

1. Concept
Facility Management course
2. Concept
Data collection platform
3. Concept
Collaboration platform

Concept 2 

Building.Data is a platform that connects to any BMS system and HW sensor to enable
property managers to have one central location for all data collected in the building.

The impact

Adaptation of user-centered practises such as user research, and service design by the company

Identification of new product opportunities based on identified user needs