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Speculative Design; Experience Design 

The project explores human disconnection from nature and the natural ecosystems. The outcome is an immersive exhibition, through which visitors can experience life from a perspective of an animal. The project was realised in collaboration with Megan Jane Eloise Krahn and exhibited at Designership Gallery in Kolding, Denmark. 

Role  —  Experience Designer

Skills used; Research, Speculative Design methodologies, Systems Thinking, Experience Design, Design Thinking methodologies, Exhibition Design, Holistic Thinking, Graphic Design 

The challenge

The seriousness and urgency of climate change have long been known. Year by year, climate science facts are getting stronger and stronger, proving that climate change is caused by human activity. Rational arguments and statistics have long been used to influence the general public, and yet, a big part of the population ignores the problem. This phenomenon is called climate paradox. According to Per E. Stoken, an approach that considers the emotional and psychological aspects of climate change could have a much greater impact on how we perceive and tackle environmental changes. “Change can happen through dialogue, but what is needed first is curiosity, empathy, and focus on finding some common ground” (Stoknes 17).

Our project, therefore, when tackling the apathetic emotional state of many people towards climate change, needed to come from an empathetically driven approach, rather than an approach that only targets the cognitive.

The exhibition

States of the exhibition:
1. Present State - climate changes 
2. Transition - in-between space
3. Future State - Inhabiting an animal

The process + Methods

Speculative Storytelling Workshop

This method helped  to include various cultural perspectives in the project. Each scenario was created by a team of multidisciplinary designers and was based on 3 cards from decks such as: Design Action, Attribute, Object. The participants collaborated to find connections between the 3 cards, imagining the new future relationships between humans and nature.

Design matrix

The speculative design process


Immersive explorations of the local natural surroundings to reconnect with nature.


The project was communicated to the broader public through a series of posters, and booklets.