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Speculative Landscapes
Speculative Design; Graphic Design 

Speculative Landscapes, is a series of artworks, depicting a different worldview; a harmonious way of re-connecting with the ecosystems that we belong to. Drawing inspiration from symbiocene (from the Greek symbiosis, or companionship) - a term coined by Glenn Albrecht, the project explores the idea of the interconnectedness of life on earth. It depicts landscapes where human body parts are symbolically transformed into landscape-like looking artworks. 

Role  —  Experience Designer


Skills used; Research, Mixed Art, Speculative Design methodologies, Systems Thinking, Graphic Design, Holistic Thinking

In many Western cultures, we have developed a way of seeing nature as something that needs to be mastered, dominated and controlled. Without acknowledging that all life of earth is interconnected, we will keep designing solutions that fix current problems; while creating numerous challenges in the future. To move beyond the anthropocentric values, and stop over-exploitation of the natural world, we need a new narrative, build on the mutually beneficial relationship between us humans and the ecosystems that sustain our life. That narrative will vary, depending on the culture, and geographic location, but the core values will remain the same.

Merging, to not disappear.
Unbecoming - gradually.
A memory of what was once.
Past dominance - symbiocene now.
Identities quietly trapped in stones.
Alive now more than ever.
Grass or hair?
River or limb?
Human mountains.